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About Us

Who We Are

We are originally from Puerto Rico and for the past 24 years we have served this great nation as a military family. God has blessed us with allowing us to do what we enjoy, which is serving our nation, and having the opportunity of breeding these wonderful dogs.

We live in Liberty County, GA, one the most patriotic places in the nation, located in southeast Georgia. 

How We Found Australian Labradoodles

After over two decades of military service and multiple permanent changes of stations (PCS) we always had to have in consideration what type of pet we owned because some places had strict pet policies that prevented families from getting their desired housing accommodations. Once we realized that we needed to find the perfect dog breed to avoid some of these strict housing policies. We started our research and discovered our first Australian Labradoodle, not long after moving to California. We immediately fell totally in love with these happy, loving dogs. We instantly knew we just had to share this gift with other families. Especially families who need a friendly and intelligent dog, with a low-shedding and hypoallergenic coat and who is also more resilient and adaptable to different environments.


The Start Of Our Program

In order to provide a wonderful companion for Service Members, Veterans and families, we decided to partner with Shadow Mountain Australian Labradoodles and join their Raising The Breeder Bar, Education and Training Program.


We really enjoy the challenges of planning the litters, and the genetics behind using just the right breeding pair. Of course, helping the moms whelp their puppies is our favorite. We are always excited to see what color is next. Our main mission will always be to provide top shelf healthy, sound and happy puppies to Service Members, Veterans, their Families.


One of the greatest benefits of raising the Australian Labradoodles is seeing the expressions on our client faces when they receive their puppies. We never get tired of getting emails about what a blessing the puppy is to their families.

We would love to work with you in selecting just the right Australian Labradoodle for your family!

There’s nothing like a little doodle love!

David & Dennisse

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