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Adoption Information

Welcome to Heroes Australian Labradoodles. Please find information below about our adoption timeline, process and some frequently asked questions.

Adoption Fee and Application

The adoption fee for a Heroes Australian Labradoodles companion puppy is $2,900 plus any applicable shipping fee. 

We offer a $200 discount to first responders, service members, veterans and their families. 

A deposit ($500) is required to reserve a puppy and will only be accepted after your application has been approved and a litter / puppy his been identified. 

All prospective buyers are required to complete our  Adoption Application

Why Should You Adopt From Us?

Our puppies are true multigenerational Australian Labradoodles who's lineage has been selectively bred for temperament, health and overall conformation. 

Our puppies have received:

  • Age appropriate vaccinations and deworming

  • Age appropriate veterinary care including a wellness exam at 7 weeks of age by a licensed veterinarian

  • Age appropriate socialization with children and adults

  • Socialization with their littermates until 8 weeks of age

  • Daily love, handling and stimulation in a family and home environment to prepare the puppy for their forever home

  • Introduction to crate training

  • Introduction to grooming

  • A 2 year health warranty

  • Microchipped

Timeline & Process

Step 1
Step 2

Application is reviewed by Heroes Australian Labradoodles

Step 3

Litter is identified

Step 4

Place a deposit

Step 5

Begin receiving litter updates

Updates including photos are sent approximately every 2 weeks

Step 6

At 7 weeks of age, puppies head to our Veterinarian for wellness checks and microchipping

Step 7

Puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to go home! 

Go Home Day is announced when the puppies are born. Families will visit and meet the available puppies and select the puppy who will be joining their family. 

Full payment is due on Go Home Day. 

Step 8

Puppy will visit the families Veterinarian within 3 days of going home. Proof of visit is emailed to Heroes Australian Labradoodles to activated Puppy's Health Warranty. 

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